Flexi-Eco Modular Units

20’ x 8’ Modular Units: We are proud to introduce a new design of modular, temporary buildings, entitled the Flexi-Eco range.

View a short film outlining the features and benefits of the Flexi-Eco range of temporary accommodation:

"Not only did you deliver on time, the standard of your work was excellent. The quality was first class and the project looks exactly as we had hoped. One of our aims was to be as invisible as possible to the community with minimum disruption whilst maintaining low noise levels - you certainly achieved this - Well done to all involved" - Recent Flexi-Eco Client

These units measure 20’ x 8’ and can be used as single units or combined together to make up a variety of useful accommodation up to three stories high. A combination of office space, with a reception area, storage, toilet blocks and canteens can be quickly assembled to provide comfortable, insulated accommodation.

Access to the third floor no issue either with our new made to measure compact triple decked staircase. Available now for hire. 

The Flexi-Eco range offers: Easy interchangeable wall panels made of galvanised metal sheet profiles • Excellent heat and sound insulation • PIR controlled lighting, door closers, thermostatically controlled heaters with timers and extra insulation • Expandable at short notice • Robust steel frame with container corners and forklift pockets • CEE exterior sockets, embedded in the container frame • Gas filled double glazed tilt and turn windows.

Build up to 3 stories high • Individual floor layouts • A robust construction by steel frame • Easily interchangeable wall panels with galvanised steel skins helps to ensure that the appearance doesn’t fade • High-quality heat and sound insulation guarantee comfort • Double glazed PVC windows with integrated roller shutters are exceptionally user-friendly.

Flexi-eco insualtion chart







Please note that this is the ‘as designed rating’, actual performance may vary based upon final build specification and location.





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