Welfare Service Pods

The Pickerings Welfare Service Pod - Download a leaflet here

For working on a site without any mains power or a water supply.


This entirely self-contained welfare service unit has been designed to provide a constant water and electrical supply where no such facilities are available. For ultimate flexibility the Water/Electrics can be quickly connected using a easy to use ‘plug and play’ system. A 1000 litre water tank is installed ready to deliver an ample water supply to the site. The 100kVA version has a 125 amp 3-phase electricty supply, helping to ensure that the correct power is provided. The unit features a secure antivandal construction, with a super-silenced generator and a 1000 litre bunded fuel tank. There is a mains pressure water pump and simple to use electricity distribution board with fresh water outlets. 

25 ~ 50 ~ 70 ~ 100kVA Generator power configurations are available

Super-silenced Generator • Mains pressure water pump • Easy to use distribution board • Choice of power output • Installed and running in moments • Completely self-contained.




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