Focus on Safety

Focus on Safety Procedures for Accommodation Units A ‘MOT’ is completed on every mobile unit

Alongside the significant investment in mobile welfare units and in order to maintain and enhance the health and safety of all Pickerings Plant people, 10 Pickerings Plant depots now have the facility of a Bradbury 5.0 Tonne Electro-Hydraulic Four Post Wheel Free Lift. These lifts are designed to allow many different types of wheeled equipment to be lowered onto safety latches, ensuring complete safety whilst working underneath the unit. This ensures low level lifting and reduced working at height. Fall arrest systems are operational at all times.

These lifts are designed to safely service, repair and maintain the fleet of Pickerings Plant mobile welfare units. Each maintenance crew will be checking chassis, brakes, tyres and all the other safety aspects of all units – which means that essentially a ‘MOT’ is completed on every mobile unit before they reach a customers site. The features and benefits of these lifts means that Pickerings Plant maintenance teams are no longer climbing underneath plant and equipment on potentially dangerous wet floors. All routine maintenance and servicing will be completed in safe, dry conditions. Working from ladders or other temporary access equipment will also be completely eliminated.

There is also a team of external fitters and van, ready to attend site for on-site repairs, maintenance and as emergency breakdown cover. Pickerings Plant maintenance teams are also required to attend training courses at the manufacturer’s factory to be instructed on the manufacturing process of individual accommodation units including all health and safety procedures. A user of a Pickerings Plant welfare unit will benefit from receiving a clean, carefully maintained and safe unit, ready to provide comfortable welfare facilities during the duration of their project.

Our accommodation units all have low level lifting points which reduce need for employees to work at height. Each unit has ladder stays to reduce risk of falling.

Chain restraints to limit chain movement and enhance the lifting procedure. All operatives are trained in the safe working use of IKAR fall arrest system which reduces risk when working at height. All vehicles and lifting equipment complies with all statutory regulations and are tested accordingly. Electrical Safety All accommodation units are tested in accordance with MPBA guidelines and every unit will be delivered with an appropriate electric test certificate


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